How To Write a Relevant Fashion Blog


The very first question that rises before the implementation of any blog is to find Niche. Do you know your niche?

To get Expertise on a niche for your Blog that is Fashion can be very fascinating as every girl and even boys want to groom themselves. Fashion is an alluring topic and it’s hard to decide that on which direction you have to arrive if you planning to create a blog as there is an ocean of things related to the niche of fashion. Though, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the niche bloggers have a great chance of monetizing because they are prone to attract dedicated audience to themselves.

Starting a blog today is easy, but it’s hard to be a successful and earn money out of those. If you are dedicated and ardent to fashion and style, you’re probably already following the most popular fashion bloggers and influencers on Instagram. A fashion blog provides them with a platform to get out their ideas on the subject, and also brings them a large amount of opportunities. You’d be surprised to know how many ways fashion bloggers make money from their blogs. Consistent with Business Insider, fashion and style brands are forecast to spend up to Rs.1050 billion by 2022. They spend on everything from promoted posts and content to free samples, trips, and more.

Step 1: Choose a relevant topic related to your niche

Before jumping in and out of your blog always keep in mind what you are delivering to your audience whether it is appropriate and enough for them or not. You should represent the content of your in such a way that it will be helpful for them and they can relate it easily. Don’t forget about your niche/topic, design your blog by keeping your niche first and keep other things secondary because your topic is the one which gathers your audience and take it to your website to read your further content.

Step 2: Choose a web Hosting Service

Web hosting is the most important part of your website. The host servers of your website’s contain all content and files online. Choosing a website hosting is not a piece of cake to eat.

To get rid of inconvenience for our users, we have conducted a deep analysis of popular hosting services. we have not only found Go Daddy to be the most effective in terms of performance but it is one of the most affordable and user-friendly website hosting services in the market.

Step 3: Build Your Fashion Blog
Every blog needs three constituents:

  • A unique domain name– this is what people type into their web browser to find your blog, like It’s usually the same as your blog name and it’s important that it should be easy to say and type.
  • A reliable web host this is often where all the files, images, and content are stored. Companies like Go Daddy make it easy to line up your account and blog.
  • A blogging platform this can be the software you use to write and publish your blogs, add the design and layout to your site, and more.
    We suggest WordPress, which powers 35% of the online , including big names like Adobe, Microsoft, Rolling Stone, and more. It’s easy to use and offers a good variety of customizations with themes and plugins

It’s hard that you retain control and ownership of all the contents and assets of your fashion blog. The free options may fade away at any point, leaving you without any copies of your content and a disappointed audience.

Addition to, free blog platforms are very finite in features. Many of them won’t allow you to use ads to earn money from your blog.

If you want ownership and control of your website, you need to use a platform like WordPress and get your own web hosting.

We suggest GoDaddy as a good starting option for new bloggers. you’ll get free domain name registration for a year and a discounted rate on purchasing your hosting.

Choose a subject for Your Fashion Blog
Your blog is now live, though it’s not ready for its close-up just yet. to create your fashion blog more visually appealing, you’ll have to choose and install a WordPress theme.

There are thousands of themes to choose from. you can accompany a free one or, if you’re serious about blogging, buy a premium theme with more advanced features and styling options.

However, not all themes are suitable for a fashion blog. You’ll need to choose one that matches your ideas on design and branding, so we’ve gathered some fashion blog post ideas for you.

Install a Free Theme
We’ve gathered a few of the best free WordPress themes during this roundup, so check it out and see if any would work for your fashion blog.

Pay for a Premium Theme
Premium themes are designed by experts and are usually more visually appealing than free ones. They also tend to have more features and functionality built into them and offer support options if you get stuck and need help.


We recommend both Divi and Astra since you can start with them for free. you’ll be able to upgrade to the premium version in the future if you want the advanced features that’ll make your fashion blog awesome.

Upgrade Your Fashion Blog with Plugins
Your fashion blog will also need a few plugins to optimize it and make sure it loads quickly and delivers a great reader experience. Here are some that you’ll need.

Image Compression Plugin
Images can take up a lot of space online, which affects their load speed (and subsequently, how long it takes your site to load.) to speed everything up, compress your images before you upload them with a plugin like, Optimole, EWWW Image Optimizer, or Smush.

Social Media Sharing Plugin

You’ll want to form it easy for your readers to share your posts online, so a social sharing plugin is a must. We recommend Simple Social Icons because it’s small and nimble and won’t impact loading times at all.

Instagram Feed Plugin

You can put with an Instagram feed plugin like Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed Pro.

This plugin can assist you display customizable feeds on your fashion blog, which will keep your blog looking fresh with new content, increase engagement, and growth of your social media following.

With Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed Pro, you can:

  • Display multiple Instagram feeds
  • Show hashtag feeds and Instagram Stories
  • Create “shoppable” feeds
  • Choose from multiple feed layouts

SEO Plugin
Optimize your blog for search with Yoast SEO, the most effective WordPress SEO plugin. It’ll help you boost traffic and assist you write SEO-friendly content for your readers.

Step 4: Create Content and start Blogging!
Now you’re ready to start creating and publishing your fashion blog content.

Avoid the desire to begin typing and publishing posts without a plan. Your fashion blog won’t become a success that way.

  1. Start with your core pages and main menu.
  2. WordPress lets you create two different types of content: posts and pages. If you’re wondering what’s the difference, here’s a detailed guide on posts vs. pages in WordPress.

We recommend creating these pages for your new fashion blog:

  1. About page
  2. Contact page
    To add a new page in WordPress, log in to your fashion blog and click on Pages » Add New.
    What to include on Your About and make contact with Pages

About Page

Introduce yourself to your readers and talk about what they can expect from your blog on your About page. Link to your social profiles so your readers can stay in touch with you.

Contact Page
A contact page is essential if you would like your readers to get in touch with you. you can create one in less than 5 minutes with Contact Forms.

These pages should be enough to induce your fashion blog started.

If you would like to customize the layout and design of your pages, we recommend that you use a drag-and-drop page builder like Beaver Builder.

Now that you created a number of pages, it’s time to add them to the main menu of your fashion blog.

Add Your Pages to Your Main Menu
To create a menu in WordPress, click on Appearance » Menus. Enter a name for your menu (like “Main Menu” or anything you like) and click on Create Menu.

Next, add the pages you just created to it. Under Add menu items, choose the pages to add and click on Save Menu.


Write Your First Blog Posts

 You already analyzed and conceive ideas from some blog post ideas earlier, so now it’s your time to hurl out and start writing.

Don’t worry about monetization just yet. For now, you’ve got to get some content on your blog, so it gets list by search engines, and start building an audience. you can also create a blog strategy to stay the ideas flowing and your fashion blog fully equipped posts.

Hurrah! Your fashion blog is up and running. Well done.

But wait that’s not it. You need to promote your blog to develop an audience and following. After all, you want to stay people engaged and coming back to your blog on regular basis, right?

Plus, you’ll need an audience if you would like to earn money from your fashion blog, and it’s hard to monetize without one.

Step 5: Promote Your Fashion Blog and Grow Your Audience

Promoting your fashion blog is crucial if you want to develop an audience and, eventually, monetize it to earn money. Some are easy to set up, while others require a little more investment of your time and money.

Let’s take a look on how to promote and grow your audience.

Search Engines
Optimize your fashion blog for search engines to drive traffic to your blog. a decent SEO strategy means that whenever anyone searches Google for a topic you’ve covered, your fashion blog comes up in the search results.

Social Media
As a fashion blogger, you know how important socializing is for your website. If you’ve got great pictures and content that are easy to share on your social media. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can help build and grow your audience, also as increase your monetization options since you’ll be getting more views to your content. There are number of social media channels out there, so you’ll have to decide which ones to use for your fashion blog. 

Invest time looking at the famous blogs in fashion. See what social media channels they’re using, then curate it. Look beyond the followers and likes, since those can be bought. check up on how engaged their followers are, how much content is shared in each channel, and types of engagement they’re having on the blogs.
Find out similar strategies on your fashion blog. Choose one or two social media handles and create content for your audience. Share your content through them and engage with your audience. Ask people to follow you on those channels. See how it goes for a few months and then decide whether to stay or change some tactics.

Email Newsletters
Experienced bloggers use email newsletters to stay connected with their audiences and give rise to income from them. They help you to develop and sustain relationships with your audience better than any other marketing method you often use.

And if you think email outdated, think again. Over half of us check it very first thing every morning! the rest people check it some other time during the day, so consider an email newsletter important to your fashion blog.

Step 6: Monetize Your Fashion Blog
All right, you’ve come this far. Now it’s time to start out making money along with your fashion blog.

Here are some ideas you’ll try to monetize your fashion blog:

  • Display Ads with Google AdSense
    Advertising networks can help you earn money on your fashion blog. Google AdSense allows you to display ads on your site, even when you’re just starting. Follow our step by step guide on how to add Google AdSense to your blog properly.
  • Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate marketing allows you to suggest products you like and earn a commission when your audience purchases a product after clicking on your link that you have provided on your website.
    For earning from affiliate marketing, you’ll need to find fashion products and brands with an affiliate program. Start with Amazon Affiliates as they have pile of products in fashion, clothing, and accessories that you can suggest to your audience and get paid for it.
  • Become an Instagram Influencer
    Instagram is the social media network for fashion and style influencers. you’ll be able to do the same for your fashion blog, so make sure to join and start posting with the relevant hashtags to reach the right audience.
  • Promote Branded Content
    Reach bent brands, fashion startups, agencies, and others to partner with them. Demonstrate your influence by showing off your Instagram feed on your blog and also the size of your following.

If you’re curious about how much you’ll make with your blog, here’s some successful fashion bloggers.

Sincerely Jules – (Julie Sarinana)
Gal Meets Glam – (Julia Engel)
We Wore What – (Danielle Bernstein)
Wendy’s Look book – (Wendy Nguyen)
The Chriselle Factor – (Chriselle Lim)
Song of favor – (Aimee Song)
Atlantic-Pacific – (Blair Eadie)
Gary Pepper Girl – (Nicole Warne)

There you go, step-by-step guide on how to start a relevant fashion blog.

What are you waiting for? Have you started a fashion blog? Share it in the comments section so we can take a look. We’d love to see it and listen to more about your experience.

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