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Fashion Influenza is one of the topmost style blogging website in Kanpur and we do not claim it but our readers do so . If we talk about Ethnic Style Wear, Business Casual Wear, Street Style Wear and Active Wear, all these blogs that our website has given to its readers are always satisfying them; we never let our customers down. We have made every blog a peronalized reach its Audience. Our Blogs provide you the information related to Indian Ethnic Dresses and all related trends and ideas about Indian Clothing and Style. We also provides you the best hacks and ideas for different style wear.

Latest Style Blogs in Kanpur

Indian Ethnic Wear

Ethnic wear have the sense of Indian Culture and is the part of Indian Literacy since so long that truly followed by Indian people. Indian ethnic wear is that part of the Indian culture which depicts every aspect of life. Ethnic wear for women outfits like Ghagra-choli, dhoti-kurta, salwar-suit, kurta-pajama, saree in wedding and some special occasion. This ethnic wear followed by all age of people.

Street Style Wear

The new generation of fashion just need new trendy and quirky trends which have to be updated by them. Find the best of street style outfits for women in 2021 and if you want to become and dress like street style stars you can check out our blogs for such tips and ideas.Have a look on our latest range of ideas on how to select your best street style outfits and become the star of everyone's eyes.
Must to have these outfits to add to your wardrobe to have an unique identity and look totally different and gorgeous in your way by following these Street Style Ideas that are design just for you.

Business Casual Wear

If you’ve ever worked in an organization, attended a corporate meeting, or had an interview, you will definitely understand the challenge of dressing for work. Business attire for women is more confusing than ever before, the perfect balance of professionalism and style can be a difficult task. Hopefully, Fashion Influenza here to help with our guide on how to get a perfect workwear. From Business suits to Office wear shirts and skirts, these outfit ideas are sure to leave you feeling inspired all week long. Here’s Top Business casual For Women.

Active Wear

Today it seems that the whole world is crazy about sports, whether about entertainment or fashion, professionals to amateurs everyone is driven by some or the other activity. It means Activewear can anything you want to be. In this page, we will reflect every aspect of Active wear for women fashion that you can add to your styling.


Blogs that will help you out to choose the right way to enhance your Dressing Style. Blogs related to latest fashion trends for women, best fashion outfits and latest Style ideas not only this but our blogs also covers the best of Indian Ethnic Wear, Street Style Outfits and best sports wear for women.

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DIY's and Hacks

We didn't just end it here because we are also ready to give you wonders as we are up for some totally insane DIY'S and Hacks that will amazingly help you to renovate your clothes in totally different style by just some simple and super easy tricks that are on the way. So stay tuned.

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