Nothing To Wear

So finally I came to answer you the most difficult question that is “I have nothing to wear”.

“I have nothing to wear.” And if you’ve said it yourself, you’re not the only one behind you there are several in the same queue. But the reality is, if you’re standing in front of a closet full of clothes, you do have something to wear, it might just not be the right thing. Your wardrobe might not physically fit your size, but it also might not fit your lifestyle or your current preferences or your aspirations. Our closets are supposed to be a collection of the best clothes on the market. Why? We spent hours searching for the best blouse, shirt, or piece of jewelry and why we still can’t figure what outfit to pick when we’re going out?

Strangely, the more clothes I bought and owned the more I didn’t have anything to wear. “Where the heck where all of my clothes going and why I’m standing in front of my closet, every day, wondering what to put on my back?” I bet you’re wondering the same questions. Check out a few of the most common reasons why you may feel like you have nothing to wear, along with suggestions on what you can do to get rid of that feeling, once and for all.

Before we go into details I want to share something: This is not a post where I will show you a couple of outfits, share pictures of celebrities wearing trending dresses, or a collection of clothes that you need to buy. I am going to tackle the problem from a psychological perspective and show you why more clothes is not the answer.


If you’re like the general public, your body changes from time to time. a few pounds up, a number of pounds down, and suddenly styles in your closet that were your trusty go-to’s aren’t as dependable anymore. Or your body proportions have shifted because of your exercise regimen or activity levels or just plain age.

WHAT TO DO: It’s time to try things on! i know – that sounds like a daunting task, but it’s one that’s well worth it. The goal is to do on anything that you’re not 100% sure fits well – and also the results may surprise you. Yes, you’ll discover things that are too small or too big – and these items should either go into a toss pile, an alterations pile, or at minimum, get stored far from the clothes that currently fit. But you also may discover things that you thought wouldn’t fit, that now fit very well. And that’s fun!

And then, when you realize what doesn’t fit, you have a list of things that you simply got to replace. There’s a quick option – before you replace exact items, think through their function. instead of purchasing other few pairs of black pants, your true need may be neutral pants in general. So you’ll be able to try navy, charcoal, olive, etc. And you’ll use this chance to expand your wardrobe possibilities, rather than just create a repeat closet in the correct size. 


Think about it – you used to work in a more dressed up office, but now your workplace is super casual – but you never created a wardrobe for your new job. Or you were more of a bar/concert goes before kids, but now your social life is predominantly meeting other couples for casual dinners and family-focused activities. Or your kids are growing up, but you have nothing that really works for a fun girls night out.

WHAT TO DO: Yes, you may need to shop for some key pieces that are missing from your wardrobe – but that’s not all you can do. You can re-think how you wear some things, since they may be more versatile than you know. I talk to clients about this all the time – it’s not always the items that are specifically dressy vs. casual, or work vs. weekend – it’s also about how you outfit them.

Take a basic plaid blazer, that used to be part of a work suit. You normally wear it with tailored pants or the matching skirt for big presentations, but those days are long gone. Well, how about taking that plaid blazer and pushing up the sleeves, flipping up the collar, and wearing it with a simple t-shirt and jeans for a regular day at the office? In this case, the blazer is more of a cardigan or lightweight jacket replacement, as opposed to half of your dressiest work outfit (see 3 office outfits I created with the same plaid blazer here). And how about your black leather moto jacket, that you wore to every concert? You can make it feel a little less edgy by pairing it with a floral dress for your next date night or girls’ brunch.


Do you like everything in your closet? You’d probably say that you like most of it, but there are surely things that you like more than others. The general statistic is that we wear about 25% of what’s in our closets – which means that 75% falls into the rarely or never worn category. Think about it this way – if you have 5 tops that serve the same function, there might be a few that you always grab. But there are probably 1 (or 2) that you almost never grab, that never ‘win’ their way out of the closet. The items that ‘never win’ are things that you just don’t like enough to wear, or there’s always something that you like better. And if your closet is made up of a lot of ‘never win’ styles, it’s stands to reason that you feel like you have almost nothing to wear.

WHAT TO DO: It’s time to take stock of what you really like in your wardrobe and what you don’t like enough to actually wear out of the house. When I’m in clients’ closets and we’re having this exact conversation, the response to some of the styles that they don’t wear is, “that was expensive” or “it was a gift.” And my response is a little analogy – think about that item instead as a $100 bill, that you’ve clipped to a hanger and hung in the back of your closet, never to be seen again. It doesn’t make any sense to keep it there, right? So you can sell it or donate it or otherwise remove it from your life.


If you’re in transition and evolving – whether it’s in your career or your marital status or family size – your wardrobe may need to transition and evolve as well. And it may need to evolve in advance of any big changes. For instance – if your goal is to expand your previous side gig into a full time enterprise, you may need a wardrobe that reflects how you want to be perceived in a new industry. Or if you’re looking to re-enter the dating world, you need a few things that make you feel fabulous on upcoming nights out.

WHAT TO DO: It’s time to take stock of your wardrobe, but in a different way than I’ve previously touched on. You need to identify what makes you feel how you want to feel, what communicates the perception that you intend, and what works for where you’re going. These things may already be in your closet, or they may be things that you’re missing.


Many of my clients already have a closet full of fun and versatile clothes before I meet them, but they still feel like they have nothing to wear. But what’s really going on is that they are missing the key pieces to complete their outfits – so it’s less about having nothing to wear, and more about lacking the items to balance what they already have. You may have a wardrobe full of basic, versatile styles, but nothing that adds spice to your outfits. Or you may have a wardrobe comprised of special pieces, but are lacking the simpler staple items to help those pieces stand out.

WHAT TO DO: To solve this one, shopping is probably on your agenda. But first – take some time to try and create outfits out of your wardrobe (when you have a free hour, not when you’re getting dressed). This will more readily identify your true needs – which is essential prior to a productive shopping trip.

So, now what’s your style? Did you get solution of your question? If you did then please comment below your valuable opinion.


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